Vienna Experimental Social Science (ViESS) PhD Club

Target group: early stage social scientists working with experimental methods

The Vienna Experimental Social Science (ViESS) PhD Club is a community of social scientists who employ or are interested in experimental methods to investigate social phenomena. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss fundamental and advanced topics of randomised control trials broadly defined to include lab, survey, field, and online experiments. These meetings will cover topics related to the design, analysis, and interpretation of experiments, such as the logic of experimentation, covariate adjustment, moderation, mediation, noncompliance, attrition, interference, panel data, machine learning and adaptive experimental designs, generalisation of experimental results, ethical implications, and open science. Importantly, this club offers a venue for junior scholars (senior MA students, PhD students, postdocs) to present and receive feedback at all stages of their work in all fields of social science, including but not limited to communication science, political science and government, economics, psychology, and sociology.

As this club heavily focuses on experimental research across disciplines, participants should expect to receive feedback and guidance on methodological rather than substantive aspects of their work. Starting from Fall 2023, meetings will take place online or in person on a biweekly or monthly basis depending on availability.

ViESS Welcome Meeting

30 November 2023, 16:00

Meeting Room of the Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences, Kolingasse 14–16, 1090 Vienna, OG01 (seminar room 11)
Meeting ID: 653 4761 2517
Passcode: 454251

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