In sociology, the focus is on the analysis of modern societies, of social structures, changes and challenges. The main aim is to provide empirical evidence and theoretical reflection to understand the complexities of the social world. It draws on a long tradition of research in the humanities and social sciences, combining its strong strands of research reaching at the Department of Sociology in Vienna from phenomenology-based sociology to empirically-oriented Marienthal studies up to important surveys in Austria. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are applied and further developed to answer emerging social challenges and to contribute to sociological debates occurring within the national and international scientific community. The engagement in dialogue with social actors is also a focus, in line with the mission to offer a better understanding of society that is of relevance to a national and international audience. Research covers a broad range of areas such as (1) work, organisation and gender relations; (2) family, generations and life course; (3) migration, cities and social inequality; (4) knowledge, culture and visual worlds; as well as (5) methodological innovation, both qualitative and quantitative.

Departments of supervisors