Social Spaces & Practices of Governance PhD Club

Target group: early stage researchers looking at policy as social processes

Contact: Tatjana Boczy, Catherine Raya Polishchuk

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This PhD Club is primarily a reading club but can also adapt to members’ punctual needs, e.g. to discuss a member’s written work relevant to the club. Its members collectively choose the readings that form the basis of the debates. Selected readings engage with (urban) governance from a sociological or anthropological perspective. More specifically, the club tackles the social processes of making policy, institutions, bureaucracies as well as the state. Local conditions and practices form the basis of our perspective on governance that we analytically connect with global processes.

The club gets together on a monthly basis to discuss read literature and critically engage with it. It is affiliated with the research platform The Challenge of Urban Futures.

MembersResearch Interests
Lukas AlexanderGovernance, tourism-related ­social exclusion, the City of Vienna, participation, institutionalisation, tourism policies
Tatjana BoczyPolitical Economy; Neo-Institutionalism; Welfare State Changes; Sustainability; Social Policies; Work
Anna-Katharina Draxllanguage policies & ideologies; language regimes in institutions; migration, linguistic diversity & social inequalities
Francesca FerliccaUrban Planning, Housing Policies, Informality; Latin America, Argentina
Julia Rabenhorst-Hartmanncomplaints management in local government; international public service reform; citizen participation
Clara HolzingerMigration; Sociolinguistics; Linguistic Diversity & Social Inequalities; Work
Gala Nettelbladturban governance & planning, urban conflicts, local democracy, public participation, far-right politics, institutional racism
Catherine Raya Polishchukurban renewal; bureaucracy; informality; inclusion/exclusion; semantics of participation
Pouya SepehrSmart Cities; Smart Governance; urban citizenship & digital participation; infrastrucutres, technology & the city; urban assemblages; planetary urbanism; City of Vienna

Next Meeting: May 31st 2022, 10.00 (CET)

Meeting online via Zoom (get in touch with us for the invitation)

We will discuss and give feedback to Julia's paper that she presents at the upcoming Street-Level Bureaucracy conference at the Aalborg University, Denmark. Julia writes on local government by comparing German and English complaint department front-line work. 

Upcoming Meeting: June 30th 2022, 10.00 (CET)

Meeting online via Zoom (get in touch with us for the invitation)

Literature: We read and discuss Palumbo & Scott 2018 - Remaking market society. A critique of social theory and political economy in neoliberal times. Pages 140-185.

Upcoming Event: Writing Retreat in June 2022!

Details: Writing Retreat and exchange on-site in Vienna. Three days of focused writing, academic exchange on practices and spaces of governance and PhD-related chatting. 

Dates: tba