Public presentation at the Faculty

Doctoral candidates have to present their intended doctoral projects at the public presentation at the Faculty. The research proposal gives an overview of the project and forms the basis for the presentation. The presentation serves to introduce doctoral candidates and their research topics to the faculty staff, and to offer all participants a platform for exchange and feedback. The doctoral advisory boards may give advice and issue an opinion on the intended doctoral project. The supervisor is also invited to the presentation, but does not have the right to vote. The Directorate of Studies decides on the research proposals based on the recommendations of the doctoral advisory boards.

Public presentations at the Faculty are organised by the Directorate of Studies together with the StudiesServiceCentre ( The presentations take place four times a year: in October, January, March and June. Each doctoral candidate holds a 10-minute presentation about their intended doctoral project, followed by a 10 to 20-minute discussion with the respective doctoral advisory board.

You may view the minutes of your public presentation at the Faculty. Please contact Erika Mikusch (

Necessary steps to register for the public presentation at the Faculty:

Please note: Stipulations of additional exams from a bachelor or master programme need to be passed before the public presentation at the Faculty.

If two or three doctoral advisory boards are responsible for your research field, the StudiesServiceCentre will inform you in front of which board you will present your doctoral thesis project.

Deregistration: 4 days before the presentation at the latest.

Introduction Course

The Directorate of Doctoral Studies offers the introduction course “From Research Idea to a Successful Public Presentation”. The course is dedicated to the preparation of a research proposal and its public presentation to the Faculty.

ViDSS activities: Peer mentoring for the FÖP

The ViDSS offers a mentoring programme aimed at supporting doctoral candidates in writing their research proposals and preparing for the public presentation at the Faculty.