The Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences promotes innovative, excellent, problem-oriented research that aspires to contribute to societal debates and address key global challenges.

The cohorts trained and supported by the ViDSS are part of a vibrant research environment and international networks. The ViDSS encompasses and fosters connections between a broad range of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives. The ViDSS embraces the entire range of epistemological, methodological and theoretical approaches that are employed at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Doctoral candidates receive research training and write a doctoral thesis in the fields of communication, demography, development studies, nursing science, political science, science and technology studies, social and cultural anthropology, and sociology. The ViDSS aims for the highest standards in doctoral training and close supervision to ensure a mastery of social scientific debates and relevant theories and methods. As a result, ViDSS graduates are highly employable both within and outside academia.



Rising Voices – social scientists on stage

Celebration of the sowi:doc Awards 2022 and semester closing of the Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences

12 June 2023, 17:00 | Sky Lounge, Oskar Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna | organised by the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences


Are you interested in inviting an international guest speaker?

Suggest a ViDSS International Workshop! ViDSS International Workshops are initiated by students and provide methodological training and international networking opportunities for doctoral candidates in the social sciences at the University of Vienna.


ViDSS Final Year Fund 2023

With the Final Year Fund, the ViDSS supports doctoral candidates during the final year of the doctoral studies. ViDSS students can apply for a maximum amount of € 750 for proofreading and printing costs or expenses related to self-organised workshops or conference participation.


Timo Aava, Sophie Minihold and Rasmus Wardemann discuss the thrills and troubles of academic writing and the benefits of peer exchange and support during this – supposedly – lonely task. Learn about the painful step of deleting text and what to do when things just don’t seem to go right at all.


(by David W. Schiestl, Fabian Kalleitner, Licia Bobzien, and Lukas Schlögl)

Was zählt mehr: ein hohes Einkommen, ein sicherer Arbeitsplatz oder viel Freizeit? Unter dem Eindruck des Fachkräftemangels und von Entwicklungen wie “Home Office” wurde im öffentlichen Diskurs zuletzt häufig ein Wandel der Arbeitswerte thematisiert ...


On the podcast Aufnahmebereit, ViDSS Alumna Faime Alpagu explains what she found when she analysed biographies, photos and (audio) letters of so-called guest workers in Austria and compared them to official documents such as working contracts. (In German)

Fellowship and award winners

Demographer Nicholas Gailey and communication scientist Julia Stranzl were awarded the Bank Austria Research Award 2023 for their research projects on demographic futures (Gailey, main award) and the strategic role of internal communications (Stranzl, merit award). Congratulations!


(by Arne Langlet)

“It is normal that every researcher discovers a new species in this area,” the doctoral student Bruno Henrique told me when I congratulated him to describing a new species in his PhD thesis. Indeed, also Bachelor student André Calloni ...

Fellowship and award winners

For the paper “Communicating about halal products to non-Muslim consumers – The role of fit and skepticism”, Samira Rahimi Mavi was awarded the Best Paper Award at the 27th International Corporate and Marketing Communications Conference in Cranfield. The paper was co-authored with Sabine Einwiller and Ingrid Wahl.


Aayu KC talks to Faime Alpagu and Dominik Hagmann about their experiences of starting a new chapter in life. Explore with them how the transition from a PhD candidate to a postdoctoral employee in and beyond academia feels like and learn about their personal reasons for embarking on certain career paths (and not on others).

Fellowship and award winners

Communication scientist Jana Egelhofer was awarded the “Förderpreis Medienforschung” by the Verband Österreichischer Zeitungen for her doctoral thesis entitled “I don’t like it – let’s call it ‘fake’ – The content and consequences of the fake news debate”. Congratulations!


Together with Sehrazat G. Mart, social and cultural anthropologist Arjin Tas explains why nature alone isn’t to blame for the high number of deaths caused by the recent Kahramanmaras earthquakes and why the already announced post-disaster reconstruction projects are highly political. (Foreign Policy)

New publications by ViDSS students

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Citizenship Education as a relational practice. / Straub, Sarah.

Unleashing Children’s Voices in Democratic Primary Education. ed. / Julia Flutter; James Biddulph; Luke Rolls. Routledge, Taylor & Francis, 2022.

Publication: Contribution to bookChapterpeer-review

Demokratische Kommunikation und Deliberation. / Straub, Sarah.

Young Citizens. Handbuch für Politische Bildung in der Grundschule. ed. / Iris Baumgardt; Dirk Lange. Bonn : Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung, 2022. p. 236-242.

Publication: Contribution to bookChapterpeer-review

Driving forces in green advertisements: A comparison of green advertisements in ten countries. / Matthes, Jörg; Eicher, Carolin; Naderer, Brigitte; Neureiter, Ariadne; Schmuck, Desiree; Zibarzani, Masoumeh.

Nachhaltigkeit als Gegenstand und Zielgröße der Rezeptions- und Wirkungsforschung: Aktuelle Studien und Befunde. ed. / Anna-Sophie Kümpel; Christina Peter; Anna Schnaufer-Stockmann; Frank Mangold. Baden-Baden : Nomos Verlag, 2022. p. 209-230.

Publication: Contribution to bookChapter

Erwerbsarmut in Österreich aus Geschlechterperspektive. / Siegert, Christina.

In: Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, Vol. 47, No. 4, 2022, p. 511-535.

Publication: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

Frauen bei den Corona-Protesten. Why do they care? / Daniel, Antje; Brunner, Markus; Knasmüller, Florian ; Maile, Felix; Ziegelauer, Franziska.

Frauengesundheit und Pandemie. Wie weiter? Sammelband des Wiener Programms für Frauengesundheit. Schriftenreihe Frauen*Gesundheit*Wien . Vol. 3 Wien , 2022. p. 17.

Publication: Contribution to bookChapter

Karl Marx, der Feminist? Rezension von: Heather Brown (2021). Geschlecht und Familie bei Marx. / Siegert, Christina.

In: Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, Vol. 47, No. 4, 2022.

Publication: Other contribution to periodicalBook/Film/Event review

Kognitive Wirkungen politischer Kommunikation. / Nanz, Andreas; Matthes, Jörg.

Handbuch Politische Kommunikation. ed. / Isabelle Borucki; Katharina Kleinen-von Königslöw; Stefan Marschall; Thomas Zerback. Wiesbaden : Springer VS, 2022. p. 597-614.

Publication: Contribution to bookEntry for reference workpeer-review

Liveability under shrinkage: initiatives in the ‘capital of pessimism’ in Finland. / Adams, Ria-Maria; Bolotova, Alla; Alasalmi, Ville.

In: European Planning Studies, Vol. 31, No. 1, 2022, p. 212-229.

Publication: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

“Marienthal.reversed” : The effects of a job guarantee in an Austrian town. / Quinz, Hannah; Flecker, Jörg.

2022. Paper presented at International Labour Process Conference , Padua, Italy.

Publication: Contribution to conferencePaper

Politische Werbung und koordiniertes Verhalten in Sozialen Medien im Vorfeld der Bundestagswahl 2021. / Righetti, Nicola; Giglietto, Fabio; Kakavand, Azade Esther; Kulichkina, Aytalina; Marino, Giada; Terenzi, Massimo.

Düsseldorf : Landesanstalt für Medien NRW. 2022.

Publication: Other publicationBrochure

Post-its, Cards and Short Films: Learning from International Students. / Santoianni, Alessandra.

Internationalising Teaching in Higher Education. Supporting Peer Learning. ed. / Gabriela Pleschová; Agnes Simon. 2022. p. 169-175.

Publication: Contribution to bookChapterpeer-review

Räumliche Dimensionen sozialer Innovation : Zwischen lokaler Dynamik und Multiskalarität. / Boczy, Tatjana; Kazepov, Yuri Albert Kyrill; Saruis, Tatiana.

Soziale Innovation im Kontext: Beiträge zur Konturierung eines unscharfen Konzepts. ed. / Elmar Schüll; Heiko Berner; Martin Lu Kolbinger; Markus Pausch. Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden, 2022. p. 227-249 (Zukunft und Forschung).

Publication: Contribution to bookChapterpeer-review

Religiöse Diversifikation in Österreich. / Goujon, Anne; Reiter, Claudia; Potancokova, Michaela.

Religiöse Vielfalt in Österreich. ed. / Karsten Lehmann; Wolfram Reiss. Baden Baden : Nomos Verlag, 2022.

Publication: Contribution to bookChapter

Suicide: Media. / Mestas, Manina; Arendt, Florian.

The International Encyclopedia of Health Communication. ed. / Evelyn Ho; Carmen Bylund; Julia van Weert; Iccha Basnyat; Nadine Bol; Dean Marleah. 1. ed. New York : Wiley-Blackwell, 2022.

Publication: Contribution to bookEntry for reference workpeer-review

Showing entries 61 - 80 out of 83