The Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences promotes innovative, excellent, problem-oriented research that aspires to contribute to societal debates and address key global challenges.

The cohorts trained and supported by the ViDSS are part of a vibrant research environment and international networks. The ViDSS encompasses and fosters connections between a broad range of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives. The ViDSS embraces the entire range of epistemological, methodological and theoretical approaches that are employed at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Doctoral candidates receive research training and write a doctoral thesis in the fields of communication, demography, development studies, nursing science, political science, science and technology studies, social and cultural anthropology, and sociology. The ViDSS aims for the highest standards in doctoral training and close supervision to ensure a mastery of social scientific debates and relevant theories and methods. As a result, ViDSS graduates are highly employable both within and outside academia.


Are you wondering whether your next conference presentation will be a career booster or just a waste of the time that you need for writing your dissertation? Join us as we delve into the world of presenting and networking with Birte Leonhardt and David Smrček. Getting funding, identifying fake conferences and controlling the social environment – this and more in Episode 15 of Doctor it!


(by Giorgia Zogu)

Political participation is the lifeblood of democratic governance, weaving the collective voice of the people into the intricate fabric of decision-making. In the conventional understanding, political participation encompasses a spectrum of activities ranging from voting and public discussions to contemporary forms such as internet activism and ...


In social media, misinformation is often difficult to distinguish from facts. While mis- and disinformation has been identified as one of the short-term global risks, research indicates that only a minority of people actually believe in it. Jula Lühring investigates whether emotions make us fall for misinformation or help us to recognise it and explains what role AI plays in this.

Fellowship and award winners

Political scientist Judith Goetz was awarded the Maria Ducia Forschungspreis (University of Innsbruck) and the Johanna-Dohnal-Förderpreis (Johanna Dohnal Archiv) for her doctoral thesis project on the relationship between gender-reflective political education work and the gender politics and ideologies of the Identitarians. Congratulations!


(by Carsten Horn)

10 ... 9 ... Before leaving the premises, you have to undergo a radiological control measurement. If your hands and feet are correctly placed on the probes, the countdown will begin. Nuclear energy: Once the harbinger of a new era of unlimited energy supply and prosperity has come under attack by environmental and anti-nuclear movements of the 1970s ...

Media articles and press releases

Is a job guarantee enabling long-term unemployed people to return to work? This has been investigated in the “Modellprojekt Arbeitsplatzgarantie Marienthal”, with scientific support from a team of sociologists around Jörg Flecker. Team member and ViDSS student Hannah Quinz explains why the participants’ return to work is only one of the positive outcomes of the project. (In German)


(by Paul Dunshirn, Ayşegül Sırakaya, Adam McCarthy and Irma Klünker)

Decision 15/9 of the Conference of the Parties to the CBD, agreed in December 2022, constituted an important signpost in bringing genetic resource governance to the digital age. Until then, it was disputed whether access to and benefit-sharing from the utilization of DSI, a placeholder term for various types of genetic ...

Fellowship and award winners

Doctoral candidate in Science and Technology Studies Laura Bomm is awarded a Doktoratsfertigstellungsstipendium by the Literar-Mechana for her doctoral thesis project on citizens’ perceptions and sensemaking of plastics in contemporary Austrian society. The scholarship is awarded for up to six months for the completion of a doctoral thesis. Congratulations!

Fellowship and award winners

Social and cultural anthropologist Catherine Raya Polishchuk has received an ifk Junior Fellowship for her doctoral thesis project on urban renewal in Vienna. The fellowship is awarded by the International Research Center for Cultural Studies (University of Art and Design Linz) for one academic year and includes the possibility of a funded stay abroad in the following year. Congratulations!

New publications by ViDSS students

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Älter werdende Eltern mit Pflegeverantwortung : Eine Photovoice-Studie. / Nagl-Cupal, Martin; Falkenstein, Thomas; Werner, Marlene et al.

Bundesministerium für Soziales, Gesundheit, Pflege und Konsumentenschutz . 2023Abschlussbericht.

Publications: Other publicationOther

Austria -Islam and Muslims in Austria. / Mattes, Astrid; Bauer, Dominique.

Yearbook of Muslims in Europe. ed. / Samim Akgönül; Jorgen S. Nielsen; Ahmet Alibasic. Vol. 14 2023. (Yearbook of Muslims in Europe, Vol. 14).

Publications: Contribution to bookChapter

Contested Integration : Hegemony Projects in the Field of Education in Austria. / Dursun, Ayse Esra (Corresponding author); Wolter, Stella; Liepold, Mira et al.

In: Critical Policy Studies, Vol. 17, No. 3, 2023, p. 464-483.

Publications: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

Corona-Protest-Report II : Bericht der Forschungswerkstatt Corona-Proteste . / Daniel, Antje; Knasmüller, Florian ; Brunner, Markus et al.


Publications: Other publicationOther

Dalle riviste. / Garusi, Diego; Valentini, Elena.

In: Problemi dell'Informazione, Vol. 48, No. 3, 2023, p. 476-480.

Publications: Contribution to journalReview

Demokratiebildung: Von der Theorie zur Praxis. / Lange, Dirk; Straub, Sarah.

Doing Democratic Education in School and University: Democratic Education als Aufgabe von Schule und Hochschule. ed. / Gabriele Kulhanek-Wehlend; Sabine Hofmann-Reiter; Harald Knecht; Stefanie Wagner; Oliver Wagner; Evelyn Süss-Stepancik; Ruth Petz. Wien : LIT Verlag, 2023. p. 3-11 (Forschungsperspektiven).

Publications: Contribution to bookChapterpeer-review

Demokratische Kommunikation in globalisierten Gesellschaften und die Rolle von Mehrsprachigkeit in der frühen politischen Bildung. / Mauric, Ursula; Straub, Sarah.

Diversität und Demokratie: Gesellschaftliche Vielfalt und die Zukunft der sprachlichen und politischen Bildung. ed. / Dominic Harion; Nancy Morys; Thomas Lenz. Frankfurt a. M. : Wochenschauverlag Wissenschaft, 2023. p. 36-47.

Publications: Contribution to bookChapterpeer-review

Depictions of Migrants and Refugees in News Photographs from Southern Europe. / Amores, Javier; Panagiotou, Nikolaus ; Garusi, Diego et al.

Migrants and refugees in Southern Europe beyond the news stories: photographs, hate and journalists' perceptions. Lexington Books, 2023. p. 59-99.

Publications: Contribution to bookChapter

Digitalization in public relations—Changing competences: A longitudinal analysis of skills required in PR job ads. / Bernhard, Jana; Russmann, Uta.

In: Public Relations Review, Vol. 49, No. 1, 2023, p. 1-12.

Publications: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

Digitize! Online Panel Survey (SUF edition) : Version 4.0. Kritzinger, Sylvia (Editorial Journalist); Pfaff, Katharina (Editorial Journalist); Weitzel, Daniel (Editorial Journalist) et al.. 2023.

Publications: Electronic/multimedia outputSoftware or database

Dimensions of Peripherality in Journalism : A Typology for Studying New Actors in the Journalistic Field. / Hanusch, Folker; Löhmann, Kim Dana.

In: Digital Journalism, Vol. 11, No. 7, 2023, p. 1292-1310.

Publications: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

Eine Kritik am Subjekt der Aufklärung. / Kolb, Petra.

In: Politix : Zeitschrift des Instituts für Politikwissenschaft, Vol. 51, No. 2024, 2023, p. 76-81.

Publications: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

Grumpiness ambivalently relates to negative and positive emotions in ironic Austrian German text data. / Baumann, Andreas; Bausch, Nicole; Benson, Juliane Rabea et al.

Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Language, Data and Knowledge . ed. / Sara Carvalho; Anas Fahad Khan; Ana Ostroški Anić; Blerina Spahiu; Jorge Gracia; John P. McCrae; Dagmar Gromann; Barbara Heinisch; Ana Salgado. Wien : NOVA/FCSH-CLUNL-Núcleo de Jovens Investigadores do CLUNL, 2023. p. 288-293.

Publications: Contribution to bookContribution to proceedings

How Context Matters: Challenges of Localizing Participatory Budgeting for Climate Change Adaptation in Vienna. / Ahn, Byeongsun; Friesenecker, Michael; Kazepov, Yuri Albert Kyrill et al.

In: Urban planning, Vol. 8, No. 1, 2023, p. 399-413.

Publications: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

Inclusive Citizenship Education in Schulen – Deutschland, Österreich und Australien im Vergleich. / Wolf, Christoph; Straub, Sarah; Lange, Dirk.

Politische Bildung und Digitalität. ed. / Matthias Busch; Charlotte Keuler. Vol. 21 1. ed. Frankfurt : Wochenschauverlag Wissenschaft, 2023. (Schriftenreihe der GPJE).

Publications: Contribution to bookChapterpeer-review

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