ViDSS Brownbag Sessions

The ViDSS Brownbag Sessions provide a space for the discussion of ongoing research or topics relevant to the doctoral programme or social sciences at large.

Getting through the final phase of your doctoral studies

Monday, 28 June 2021, 13:00–14:30

The second ViDSS Brownbag Session deals with the final phase of the doctoral programme in Social Sciences and aims at providing useful tips and tricks for the successful completion of your doctorate.

The following questions will be addressed, among others: What are best practices for the last steps of the writing process and how do you stay motivated? What are the main challenges of a thesis by publication and a monograph when it comes to the final phase of the doctoral studies? How should you approach and coordinate the (external) reviewers? How do you deal with reviews and prepare for the public defense? Where can you apply for financial support for the final phase?

Recently graduated colleagues and advanced doctoral candidates from different disciplines will provide insights into the last months of their doctoral studies and share their experiences. Eva Kössner and Roman Pfefferle from the ViDSS administration team will be there to provide additional advice.

Invited colleagues: Faime Alpagu (sociology), Bernhard Braun (social and cultural anthropology) and Johann Gründl (political science)

Target group: doctoral candidates in the Social Sciences

Venue: online via Zoom

Registration: via e-mail to until 23 June 2021 (please state your field of research)

Doctoral research in the social sciences in times of COVID-19

Tuesday, 19 January 2021, 16:00–17:45

Among many other implications, COVID-19 has strongly affected the world of science in general and social sciences in particular. New research topics have emerged and the daily work of many early stage and advanced researchers has changed.

Which questions and topics have moved into the center of research? Which new funding schemes have been established nationally and internationally? How has the pandemic influenced publication cultures within the social sciences? How can field work be conducted in times of lockdowns and travel restrictions? How do home office periods reorganise professional exchange, networking and the participation in conferences? How do the new circumstances effect the well-being of early stage researchers?

In the first ViDSS Brownbag Session, early stage and advanced researchers will discuss these and further questions. In the first part of the event, a highly qualified panel of professors representing the fields of political science, social and cultural anthropology and sociology will share their experiences. In the second part, doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers are invited to join break-out rooms to discuss their questions and concerns with the invited guests.

Target group: doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers at the beginning of their research career at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Venue: online via moodle collaborator

Registration: via e-mail to until 16 January 2021 (please state your field of research)


16:00–16:45    Panel Discussion

Barbara Prainsack, Department of Political Science, Austrian Corona Panel Project
Peter Schweitzer, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Ulrike Zartler, Department of Sociology

16:45–17:30    Q&A sessions in three break-out rooms

17:30–17:45    Conclusion