sowi:doc Awards 2020

Each year, the Faculty of Social Sciences awards the sowi:doc Awards to three doctoral graduates, who receive EUR 1,500 each for their outstanding research contributions in the framework of their doctoral thesis. The award aims at motivating doctoral graduates to pursue a career in academia.

With the announcement of the sowi:doc Awards 2020, the Faculty asks supervisors to each nominate no more than two excellent doctoral theses that fulfil the criteria mentioned below by 11 September 2020. Graduates of doctoral programmes are not allowed to nominate themselves.

An interdisciplinary expert committee, appointed by the head of the Faculty, is responsible for making the final award decision.

The sowi:doc Awards will be awarded on the next Early Stage Researchers’ Day at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Submission requirements:

  • Successful completion of the doctoral programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Vienna between 1 September 2019 and 31 August 2020
  • Doctoral thesis with an excellent assessment (at least one examiner report attaining an “excellent” grade, the second examiner report attaining a “good” grade and the public defence receiving an “excellent” grade)
  • Completion of the doctoral programme within twelve semesters. (The maximum permitted duration can be exceeded by two semesters at the most if the longer duration is caused by a legitimate and justifiable reason.)

Required documents (submission in electronic form):

  • On one page: Title of the doctoral thesis, name of the supervisor, brief description of the topic of the doctoral thesis (abstract)
  • Full text of the doctoral thesis
  • Curriculum vitae of the candidate (including date of birth and contact details (mail and e-mail)), as well as a list of publications
  • Both examiner reports on the doctoral thesis
  • Student record sheet/confirmation of study periods
  • Doctoral degree certificate