PhD in the spotlight


The Austrian Corona Panel Project (by Noelle Lebernegg)
The current crisis has changed our everyday lives fundamentally, and many western democracies find themselves in situations unlike anything since the Second World War. However, most experts agree, to be able to return to some form of normality …


Sigrid Wenzel: Fieldwork in the Sakha republic (Yakutia)
Social and cultural anthropologist Sigrid Wenzel talks about her doctoral project on human-infrastructure relations in the context of a newly constructed railroad line
(in German)


Interview with Josefa Maria Stiegler
Political scientist Josefa Maria Stiegler talks about an initiave of early stage researchers calling for financial support of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers during the Covid-19 pandemic (, in German)


Elena Šimukovič in Leiden and Den Haag
Elena Šimukovič (science and technology studies) spent one year in Leiden and Den Haag (in German)

Andreas Streinzer in Frankfurt
Social and cultural anthropologist Andreas Streinzer spent nine months at the Institut für Sozialforschung in Frankfurt (in German)