Pooled calls for applications for doctoral positions

Since spring 2022, the Vienna Doctoral School of Social Sciences organises pooled calls for applications for doctoral positions in the social sciences at the University of Vienna.

  • Voluntary participation depending on the needs of the professors
  • More visibility of the positions and more qualified applicants through joint tendering and advertisement of all kinds of doctoral positions, i. e. funded by the University, third party projects or the ViDSS (sowi:docs Fellowship Programme)
  • Better monitoring of the applications and the recruiting process through a new recruiting tool for the submission of applications and assessment
  • Early announcement of University funded doctoral positions (Globalbudget) up to six months before the end of the current employment
  • At least two calls per year, May/June and December/January
  • Publication of the job description on the website of the Doctoral School in English language
  • Application period of 4 to 6 weeks
  • Shortlists or longlists can be shared with professors who are hiring at the same time
  • Selection decision remains with the professor, plus four eyes principle: the professor includes at least one additional member of the ViDSS sometime during the selection process (e. g., for the initial screening of applications or the interviews).

Please get in touch with us for more information. If you have positions you would like to announce via the Spring 2023 Call for Applications, please let us know as soon as possible, at the latest by 1 February 2023. All doctoral positions (University or project funded) can be included.

Contact person: Eva Kössner, E: ­eva.koessner@univie.ac.at, T: +43-1-4277-490 82